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Height: 5'6"  |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Brown


LJ attended Ithaca College, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from their Musical Theatre Program.


They have a strong background in dance, and have been trained in Contemporary, Classical, and Commercial Music.



Fun Home (upcoming).              Alison                                                 Madison Street Theater

The Wild Party                            Kate                                                    Blank Theatre Company (IL)

                                                         (Jeff Award Winner 2023)

Anyone Can Whistle                  Fay Apple                                          Skokie Theatre / Madkap (IL)

Eleanor's Very Merry                  Twinkle (World Premiere)                 DMT Productions (IL)

  Christmas Wish

Little Women                              Jo March                                            Ohlook Performing Arts Center (TX)

Cabaret                                       Sally Bowles                                       The Lancaster Theatre (TX)

Red Hot Midnight Kiss               Lead Singer (Daughter of Man)        Studio Paris (IL)

East Meets West                        Dancer / Choreographer                  Her Majesty's Theatre (UK)

Barbe Bleue                                Puppetteer                                         Theatre Temoin (UK)

Little Women                              Amy March                                        Hope Summer Rep. Theatre (MI)

Charlotte's Web                         Fern                                                    Hope Summer Rep. Theatre (MI       

Les Miserables                           Eponine                                              Studio 316 (TX)

TV &

Dupage After Dark                        Host (Pilot)                                             Vidtech

INVASION                                      Sharon                                                    Echosworld Entertainment

Bed Bugs                                        Irene                                                       George Chammas Productions

GE Commercial                             Dancer                                                    GE (Ptnr. Ithaca College)

Room for Rent                               Kate                                                         Michael Sutter & David Lobach

Special Skills

LJ has done extensive dialect work and is comfortable speaking with a wide range of accents (Irish, English (RP), Scottish, Cockney, American Southern and others)

They play guitar, ukulele, banjolele, piano, and various percussion instruments as well as singing/vocal sight reading. Their debut EP 'I'm for You' is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes.

They have a recommended certification in unarmed stage combat, and are well versed in puppet construction/manipulation, as well as mask making.

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