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From the Stage

to the Studio

LJ's love affair with songwriting started long before they first picked up a guitar in an Ithaca dorm room. Growing up listening to the 60's folk greats like Joni Mitchell and John Denver, it was only natural that learning how to play those songs would infect them with the same songwriting bug as their heroes. 

LJ has collaborated and performed with many other artists in a wide variety of styles and venues, but their heart will always belong to folk music. 

A tribute to the artists that inspired them, their debut EP 'I'm for You' is a modern take on traditional American folk. With an emphasis on lyrics and always straight from the heart, LJ has a cross-generational appeal that will get toes young and old a-tappin'.

And keep your eyes and ears peeled for their upcoming full length album, coming in fall 2024!

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